How to add an extra 10 yards to your drive

Eddie Lee, Director of Instruction, PGA


  1. Tilt your spine away from the ball while simultaneously bumping your hips forward to the target.
  2. Play the ball position slightly forward of stance
  3. Tee the ball up higher.


  1. Law 1 – Swing In. On the downswing, the swing direction to the ball MUST be approaching the ball from the inside of the target line. Feel like you are skipping a stone on a lake
  2. Law 2 – Swing Up. Before impact the club head MUST be moving equal or up from the ground. Feel like your lead side is moving upward
  3. Law 3 – Swing Out. The club head path MUST be moving to the outside of the clubface alignment position. This will help you draw the ball. Feel like your hands and arms continue to a high finish position.

If you can do these setup and downswing techniques, I guarantee you at least 10 more yards on your tee shots.

5 & 5 – 5 things to do to play 5 strokes better on the Wailea Emerald course

  • Pay attention to the setting sun or a spot between the island of Kahoolawe and Lanai – this will help you putt better. Grass seeks light and that light is the setting sun which is a spot between the islands of Kahoolawe and Lanai
  • Pay attention to the wind – On Maui, the trade winds consistently blow from north to south. If the wind is blowing right to left on the first hole, tee, it is blowing trade. If the wind is blowing left to right, it is blowing Kona.
  • Adjust accordingly to the wind – With your new knowledge of the wind conditions, adjust your club selection accordingly. The Basic Rule for club selection in windy conditions is for every ten mph of wind, it is comparative or equal to one club difference or ten yards in carry distance. So a normal eight iron into a ten mph wind will go about a nine iron distance. The opposite is true down wind. Also remember this simple saying “When it’s breezy…swing easy!”
  • Bad swings. Get Back to Basics – Going back to basics means if you are having a tough time keeping the ball in play, pick a club that you know you can confidently strike the center of the clubface. Solid contact is the key, even if that means hitting an 8 iron for several consecutive shots.
  • Take a deep breath and remember you are in paradise – When it feels like your golf game is going south, remember that you are in paradise! Take a long look out to the ocean, take a deep breath and just relax!!!